Automate Your Educational Campus Operations With TechDesk™️ Educational Management Platform

TechDesk™️ Educational Management Platform

Platform for every educational org needs. Custom solutions that improve product standard. TechDeskTM educational management platform is a solutions that is specifically designed to streamline the paperless administration of educational institutions. It consists of various modules that greatly help the teachers and staff in maintaining student records, academic history, and other essential student information. IoT and Artificial Intelligence based model help educational organization to grow digitally.

TechDesk Institution Managemnent Platform

TechDesk Platform is

User Friendly – easy to use with basic computer knowledge
Secure Data – encrypted server keeps all school data safe
Multiple Device Support – access from anywhere
Customised Module – tailor made to suit all your needs
Completely Online – zero investment on IT infrastructure
Full Time Support - Managing Educational Organization 24/7

TechDesk™️ Features Incorporated In ERP

Diverse Platform To Manage School, Universities, College, Institutions, Hostel, Library & More.

TechDesk School Management Platform

Manage Teachers

TechDesk College Management Platform

Manage Students

TechDesk Institution Management Platform

Manage Parents

TechDesk Tuition Managemnent Platform

Manage Alumni

TechDesk Universities Management Platform

Manage Academic

TechDesk Online Managemnent Platform

Manage Accountant

TechDesk Universities Management Platform

Manage Library

TechDesk Library Managemnent Platform

Manage Hostel

TechDesk Hostel Managemnent Platform

Manage HR

Biometric Time and Attendance System Supports

With Customized Platfrom We Focused on Growing Brands Online

Biometric Attendance System

TechDesk render an accurate clock-in and clock-out time of personnel in any organization to achieve functional excellence. TechDesk Intelligent cloud-based attendance management software that enables real-time tracking and provides automated inputs for payroll processing in few minutes without any manual interventions.

Intelligent Attendance Management

TechDesk fulfill all organization’s attendance requirements with an integrated end-to-end solutions like Manage Attendance, Manage Multi-Locations, Biometric Integration, Calculate Pay Days, Live Attendance Tracking, Centralized Data Collection of multiple locations, Personnel-wise attendance tracking and monitoring.

Cloud Based Attendance System

TechDesk Cloud Based Attendance solutions brings a real-time Biometric attendance solutions for all type of organization. Our cloud based biometric attendance solutions assists organizations or enterprises in boosting their productivity and optimizing the resources and enhances security amongst the employee.

Technology That Suits Educational Organizations!

ERP System Made Of Various Technology

TechDesk Interesting Facts

TechDesk helping education organizations to achieve their academic goals around the globe. TechDesk are committed to helping education community reinvent education system to improve their education standards and student achievements.

TechDesk empowering educational Institutes, Schools, Universities, Colleges and many more With 21st Century Technology to Ensure better Success. TechDesk Artificial Intelligence (AI), Automation, Auto Robot and the Internet of Things (IoT) to co-create custom workflows and build an advanced solutions that fit any educational organization and suits to there audiences.

TechDesk School Management

TechDesk - Experience Lightning Speed With Cloud Based - AI Technology

Custom Solutions For Every Educational Organizations Needs.

TechDesk College Managemnent Platform
No Chaos In Communication

TechDesk™️ Educational Management Platform well-designed for educational organizations having module like admin, teachers, employees, students, parents, accountant, librarian, hostlers, human resourse and many more.

TechDesk Universities Managemnent Platform
Access Anytime & Anywhere

Cloud based Educational Management Platform provide huge range of accessing the software in several ways. Access TechDesk™️ and data securely anytime, anywhere, from any smart device or any platform.

TechDesk Online School Managemnent Platform
User Friendly Design

TechDesk™️ come up with the user friendly and clean design. We keep it simple, make the common tasks easy and simply in the user's own language, and providing 20+ module that are meaningfully related to longer success.