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Biometric Attendance System

TechDesk render an accurate clock-in and clock-out time of personnel in any organization to achieve functional excellence. TechDesk™ Intelligent cloud-based attendance management software that enables real-time tracking and provides automated inputs for payroll processing in few minutes without any manual interventions.

Intelligent Attendance Management

TechDesk fulfill all organization’s attendance requirements with an integrated end-to-end solutions like Manage Attendance, Manage Multi-Locations, Biometric Integration, Calculate Pay Days, Live Attendance Tracking, Centralized Data Collection of multiple locations, Personnel-wise attendance tracking and monitoring.

Cloud Based Attendance System

TechDesk Cloud Based Attendance solutions brings a real-time Biometric attendance solutions for all type of organization. Our cloud based biometric attendance solutions assists organizations or enterprises in boosting their productivity and optimizing the resources and enhances security amongst the employee.

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Workflows for Enterprise

To transform your business into a 21st century enterprise, you need to revamp your workflow and business processes. Digitalize your workflows can help modernize your legacy systems and make your business run more efficiently.

Our business process services utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI), Automation, Auto Robot and the Internet of Things (IoT) to co-create custom workflows and build an advanced solutions that fit your industry and suits to your audiences.


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WebDev Artificia Intelligence
AI - Enhance Customer Experience

Aaira a #1 automated conversations end-to-end conversational AI-powered bots platform with lower cost and reduce human efforts. Aaira meet advanced and unique operational requirements.

WebDev Trading Robot
Simple, Fast And Fun Trading Robot

India's #1 Automated Trading Robot software for share market traders in India. TechDesk real time trading solutions based on robot trading software which and reduce human efforts.

WebDev Internet Of Things
Device Friendly IoT Solutions

Transform your Business models with our IoT solutions, such as 'intelligent' appliances, connected cars, generator are generating unprecedented volumes of consumer data.