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Lean on technology to do the busy work. Automations and workflow tools can handle repetitive tasks, eliminate errors, and improve agent productivity. TechDesk IoT and AI-powered knowledge management, TechDesk help smart city to run smoothly. With the help of TechDesk-IoT and Artificial Intelligence based model WebDev IT Solutions® help smart cities and there citizens to grow digitally, improve productivity and increase market.

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Citizens are also customers, and they have become accustomed to getting help on their preferred channel. With the helpof TechDesk, WebDev IT Solutions can offer support like leading digital businesses set up self-service portals allow to do the business digitally and without the help of an agent, TechDesk proactive solutions help you to exceed their expectations and build a foundation of trust.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), together with IoT, has the potential to address the key challenges posed by excessive urban population; they can help with traffic management, healthcare, energy crisis, and many other issues.
IoT data and AI technology can improve the lives of the citizens and businesses that inhabit a smart city. Let’s see how.
AI and IoT can implement smart traffic solutions to ensure that inhabitants of a smart city get from one point to another in the city as safely and efficiently as possible..