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Our Revolutionary Platform is Powerful, Simple, and Surprisingly Affordable.

Cloud Based Platform

TechDesk™️ a SaaS based out-of-the-box ITSM platform built in using 21st century technology, open architectures and digital workflows experience across your enterprise.

One Stop Solution

For all kind of service management needs – be it from machines and devices, to customer services, vendor services, employee/people services, IT services, or citizen services.

IOT & AI Technology

TechDesk™️ AI and IoT driven technology solutions for higher productivity and connecting machines and making use of the data generated from those machines.

Ready 2 Go Platform

Simplify your IT Service Management Experience with TechDesk™️. Quick setup, and easy configuration No upfront cost on infrastructure or implementation, pay as you go model.

Zero Touch Resolution

Automatic detection of service needs to resolution. Persona driven user experience. Industry best practice one service management. No credit card required

Affordable Solutions

Webdev providing disruptive technology solutions that work for its customers’ business at the lowest possible cost of ownership with assured benefits.

TechDesk Customr Experience

TechDesk™️ Platform Offerings

Explore The TechDesk™️ Next Generation Service Management Platform

Aaira - AI Enabled ChatBot
Aaira - AI Enabled Chatbots

With Aaira AI NLP platform user’s can intent and send pre-defined answers to users in human language and also Converse in the language most suitable to your audience.

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TechDesk Docu Management System
Docu Management Desk

TechDesk™️ A single platform online Docu Management Desk that lets organization to manage, share, & communicate business doc online & can meet the needs of org of any size.

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TechDesk Auto Robot
Tech Trade Desk

TechDesk™️ offer trading softwares provide. Automate your work with Our proprietary solutions that take advantage of our high-speed order routing and broad market depth.

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TechDesk Office Management System
Office Service Desk

TechDesk™️ one stop solutions for enterprise to manage there work with integrated modules which help you with team collaboration, and approvals. Work online anywhere, anytime.

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TechDesk™️ Educational & Healthcare Management Platform

TechDesk Educational Management Platform

Educational Management Platform

TechDesk Health Management Platform

Health Management Platform

TechDesk e-Learning Platform

e-Learning Platform

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